Prof. Post Raj Pokharel

Prof. Post Raj Pokharel

Bhagavad Gita Research Foundation

Kathmandu University, Nepal

Address: Bharatpur-8, Chitwan, Nepal

e-mail: postraj25@gmail.com, pr_pokharel@hotmail.com


Ass. Professor Pokharel is interested in corporate management, financial management and more specifically, pharmaceuticals management. Research areas include finance, economics, management, human capital investment, and human resource management. Ass. Professor Pokharel's educational areas finance, economics and management.


Research Interests

Human Capital development, financial analysis, project management are the key interests with econometric modeling.

Teaching Interests
Educational areas focus on financial management, international finance, working capital management, research methodology, econometric and data analysis with an emphasis on action-based projects.

Service Interests
Pharmaceuticals, herbal and other manufacturing-based industry.

Selected Publications
My Research Works:

Pokharel P.R. (2017). Comparative analysis between public and private investment: a case of Nepal. The Business and Management Review, Volume 9 Number 2, Nov. 2017, pp 145-152 .Click here to download

Pokharel P.R. (2018). A Survey of Investors Preference on Stock Market: A Case of Nepal Stock Exchange. The Saptagandaki Journal. Vol. IX pp 53-61 (Feb. 2018)  Click here to download

Pokharel P.R. (2017). Promotional Tools Effect on Pharmaceuticals Marketing. The Saptagandaki Journal. Vol. VIII pp 79-84 (Feb. 2017)    Click here to download

Pokharel P.R. (2016). A Review: Model Used for Analyzing Pharmaceuticals Profitability. Pokhara University

Pokharel P.R. (2013) Managerial Entrenchment and Capital Structure Decision: A Case of Nepal. NRB ECONOMIC REVIEW Vol. 25-2, p 78-89 Click here to download

Pokharel P.R. (2014) In Built Quality System of Time Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd., Operations Research Society Nepal, IJORN 2014, Volume III, Issue I

Pokharel P.R. (2013) Contemporary Pricing Policy: Nepalese Pharmaceuticals Products, Peer Review


· MBS (Finance)

· M.Phil (Finance)

· Ph D (Final year) Pharmaceuticals Management