Shubhra S Saha, PMP

Shubhra S Saha, PMP

Bhagavad Gita Research Foundation

Toronto, Canada

M.S. in Production Economics
BSc Ag Econ (Hon), Bangladesh Agricultural University - Evaluated by University of Toronto

14 Rupert Street, Scarborough, ON. M1K 1T4

Shubhra is currently working as a Configuration Management Database Specialist for Stefanini Inc. assigned to Motorola Solutions, Toronto. Professionally, she has varied experiences working in different organizations; devoted to Appropriate Technology Transfer, MIS, Human Rights, and Natural Resource & Environment Protection etc. In the past 24 years, she worked with different international organizations: National Consultant for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Former Training Coordinator at USAID - US Agency for International Development, Configuration Management Data Base Specialist at Ontario Telemedicine Network, Accounting Associate at Wood grove Technologies. She is a quality-focused PMP (Project management professional) with over 15 years of extensive experience in Project Management, Vendor Relation, in healthcare & other industries. She is also experienced in the field of MIS, research, training, and IT management. She does lots of Volunteering with different social and religious organizations.

Shubhra is a humble servant of Lord Krishna and dedicated to surrender at the lotus feet of the Supreme Godhead. She believes in the scientific explanation of the Shrimad Bhagavat Gita that has been re-introduced by Lord Krishna Himself to His disciple Arjuna for welfare of the mankind so that we do not forget our ultimate Godhead. Currently she is a senior member of Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir, Toronto, Hindu Dhamashram, Toronto.Shubhra is also a member and devotee of Mohanum Shevok Sangha. She loves to make friendship with delighted and spiritual people.

Shubhra follows philosophy of Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari and believes, we cannot love the universe unless you love the universal. If we go on loving one after another for an indefinite length of time, we will not be able to love the world. The centre is the Supreme God Himself! We call him ‘Hari’. This word means that the one, like a Great Magnet, attracts the whole universe towards Himself. He is the sum-total of all love. He is the one unity of life, in which we are millions of small units. If we love the sum-total, we shall be able to love everything. With the love of God will come to us the love of everyone in the Universe. Over five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna, discussing the fundamental principles of life. Whatever we do, all your acts should be attributed to Lord Krishna. He must be present in our thoughts, all the time. Death is inevitable. Whoever borns shall die one day. None is immortal. So, remember Lord Krishna in all our deeds