About the Conference
Overview of the conference The International Conference on Hinduism, Philosophy, and Global Harmony aims to bring together scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the profound insights of Hinduism, delve into philosophical discourses, and discuss the role of these teachings in fostering global peace and harmony. This interdisciplinary conference provides a platform for sharing diverse perspectives, fostering dialogue, and advancing understanding across cultures and traditions. At HPGH, participants engage in enriching dialogue, exchange ideas, and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects aimed at advancing understanding in the fields of Hinduism, philosophy, and their intersections with contemporary global challenges.
Where & When

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Conference link will be available later

When: June 30 to 30 - 2024

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Important Dates


Draft Submission Deadline: Monday 15th April 2024
Final Paper Submission Deadline: 30th June 2024


The conference seeks to provide an authoritative platform for leading academics, religious scholars and practitioners, and those desirous to learn about Hindu theology and the way in which thinkers down the ages have wrestled with the fundamentals of human existence.  The conference addresses the need for critical discussion on issues appertaining to the Hindu faith, its development, core tenets and teachings, and various developments and manifestations. Equally, this is a scholarly platform for those seeking to offer fresh analysis and discussion that advances the appreciation and understanding of various schools of philosophical thought. The conference seeks to raise awareness and enable participants to examine the relevance and the teachings of Hinduism to the modern world in relation to management, philosophy as well as to scholars and laypeople alike.