Bhagavad Gita Research Foundation (BGRF) has been established with the express purpose of ensuring a wider understanding of a supremely holy text of Hinduism. BGRF works not only to propagate this work but to ensure greater tolerance and openness of mind.Bhagavad Gita offers a route to enlightenment that is open to all, for many of its devotees it is a means of finding the eternal way of ultimate liberation, knowledge, and bliss. Importantly, this philosophical treatise offers diverse paths (the spiritual, theological, intellectual and scientific) that help provide greater meaning to life. Through the study and practice of the tenets and teachings of the sublime book Bhagavad Gita, we are all afforded a means to be spiritually nourished and satisfied. GRF seeks to ensure a wider understanding of one of the most influential texts in Eastern Philosophy, as well as bringing people together who have a wish to appreciate life's spiritual essence. We all need to seek and be prepared to question and learn in a spirit of mutual respect, tolerance, and humility. Bhagavad Gita Research Foundation (BGRF) is a non-profit making organization that is Registered as a charity in the Charity Commission in England and Wales".