Nityananda Chakravorty

President, Geeta Sangha Bangladesh

Mr. Chakravorty served as a lecturer in Economics in colleges between 1969 to 1976 during which Bangladesh became independent in 1971. He left his teaching profession and joined Bangladesh Water Development Board as an Economist, served the organization for 27 years in different positions and retired as the Joint Chief Planning of the organization in 2003. Since then he has been serving as national consultant Economist till date for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the Government of Bangladesh and for many other international consulting houses.  

He has been elected as the President of Bangladesh Gita Sangha, a nationally registered organization, since 2010, dedicated for the preaching the teachings of Srimad Bhagabat Gita and practicing those through its more than 400 branches across the country and abroad. He published a largely appreciated edition of the Gita & teaches the Trainers of Gita Schools under the Hindu Welfare Trust of the Government regularly and Chairs many religious Workshops, Seminars and Discussions held at different places in Bangladesh, as requested. Mr. Chakravorty has published extensively including an appreciated edition of the Gita; Sanatan Stories; Bodhayanta Parashparam; Helps to the Study of Gita, etc.